The Teachings of Thomas Williams,
JJ Andrew and
the Unamended Christadelphian Community Considered...

"Open rebuke is better than secret love.
Faithful are the wounds of a friend;
but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful"

(Prov. 27:5-6).


"I have known some of this class flatter themselves that they would not be called forth to judgment; but would perish as the beasts, if they did not come under law to Christ. Such reasoning, however, is simply ‘the deceitfulness of sin.' ” — John Thomas , Anastasis, 1866, pp. 41-42

"The rejectors of Christ were not 'brethren.' Yet they are to rise from the dead.—(John 12:48.) Consequently it cannot be an 'open question,' 'whether any but the brethren of Christ will be raised from the dead.' None but they will be raised to immortality; but numbers besides them will rise to the shame and the contempt of the terrible epoch of the Lord’s coming. This teaching is too explicit and too accordant with justice to be mistaken." (Robert Roberts, The Christadelphian, 1875, p. 473 — 1875 is roughly 18 years before J.J. Andrew's departure)

April 24, 1869 "In answer to yours, it is not necessary to come under the bond of the covenant in order to a resurrection and all who have come to a knowledge of the truth, but have refused to obey it are obnoxious, or liable to the second death. This is evident beyond dispute to all who are not whimsical from Luke 13:28; John 3:19; and 2 Thes 1:8. Such disputes in an ecclesia are the paying tithes of mint & cummin & neglecting the weightier matters of the Law. The non-resurrection of all out of Christ is a whimsical conceit of one of the greatest liars and 'rascals' in Philadelphia, PA. In hope of times when all such will be put to silence . I remain Yours Faithfully John Thomas

"'Light' is a figurative expression for knowledge, truth, wisdom, and righteousness; and 'darkness' represents ignorance, error, folly and wickedness; where the one reigns, the other cannot be. The mind of man is by nature 'darkened' (Rom. 1:21; Eph. 4:18); only by divine instruction can the darkness be superseded by light: 'The entrance of thy words giveth light: it giveth understanding unto the simple' (Ps. 119:130). 'If they speak not according to this word it is because there is no light in them' (Isa. 8:20). To 'walk in the light' is to act in harmony with the Word of God, and before anyone can do this he must be satisfied as to what constitutes the Word of God." ( The Christadelphian, J.J. Andrew, 1886, page 126)

"'The tares,' we are told, 'are the children of the wicked one,' – a phrase which comprises, not only unbelieving adversaries, but also all believers who are not faithful to their master; for Jesus says, 'He that is not with me is against me'… we may conclude the burning of the tares immediately precedes the glories of the millennial age." (The Ambassador, J.J. Andrew, December, 1867)

“It is apparent that those who sin in the clear light of knowledge do so under far greater responsibilities than those who sin in ignorance.” (J.J. Andrew, The Ambassador, January, 1868)

“But where no law is there is no transgression. Sin is not imputed when there is no law – for man that understandeth not is like the beasts that perish; hence those only who have sinned in the law shall be judged by the law – that the law of righteousness required by God during the dispensation in which each individual has lived.” (J.J. Andrew, The Ambassador, May, 1868)

"The phrase 'every man' is in itself sufficient to decide the meaning of the word 'reward;' because, as we have already seen, all Christ's disciples—faithful and unfaithful—are to appear before him at his second advent, to reap that which they have sown." And "A parallel passage to this is to be found in John 5:28, where we read that Jesus said 'Marvel not at this; for the hour is coming, in the which all that are in the grave shall hear his voice, and shall come forth; they that have done good unto the resurrection of life, and they that have done evil unto the resurrection of damnation.' The 'all' here mentioned, are, of course, not all mankind, but only that portion amenable to the judgment—those who have become responsible to God by a knowledge of His law or truth." (The Ambassador, J.J. Andrew, The New Testament Doctrine of Judgment)

In 1870 brother Andrew wrote, "Daniel (12:2), in harmony with other prophets predicts that only some, or 'many of them that sleep... shall awake.' The 'many' will comprise all those who, by a knowledge of God's revealed truth, have been brought into a state of responsibility, from the time of Abel to the second appearing of Jesus Christ. To the faithful portion, styled by Daniel, 'the wise,' resurrection is all-important: it is the gate from the prison-house of the grave to eternal life: without it, they would like the heathen, become 'as though they had not been" (The Real Christ aka Jesus Christ and Him Crucified, J.J. Andrew, pp. 174-175).

And Later...

"A portion of the ‘ first principles ' may be presented in a somewhat different light, but the only really new items are a violent death in relation to Edenic disobedience, and the doctrinal aspect of ‘the second death. '" (JJ. Andrew, The Sanctuary Keeper , July 1894, p. 13).

" Adam's sin must be removed, remitted, pardoned, or whatever term is thought most expressive, before reconciliation to God can be accomplished" (Thomas Williams, The Advocate, vol. 9, p. 10)." Baptism removes original sin. " " Baptism justifies from racial sin. " "I believe that federally and racially we are held guilty of original sin" ( Thomas Williams, from Sin and Sacrifice by W.M. Smallwood, p. 84).

"Consequently they cannot be delivered from the dust without being cleansed from the sin inherited from Adam ." ( JJ. Andrew, The Sanctuary Keeper , September 1897, p. 41). "The point is, are those ‘sin tendencies' (the result of Adam's disobedience) still held against us? Or, have they been atoned for by baptism into Christ's sacrificial death? If they have, they cannot lock us in the grave for ever." (Sanctuary Keeper, September 1898, p. 36). " The resurrection to the judgment-seat of Christ is for probationers , for ‘good' and for ‘bad,' for eternal life or eternal death—a second life or a second death. All who will be judged in respect to these alternatives will have passed through a probation, and will have been redeemed from their alienated state into reconciliation." (Thomas Williams , Adamic Condemnation, p. 18)

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  1. Brother John Thomas on 'legal', 'legally', 'federal', 'constitutional', 'constitutionally', 'constituted sinners', 'constitution of sin', 'original sin' &c.
  2. Christ's Death, Resurrection and Intercession by JJ Andrew 1904 (PDF format).
    • Andrew took his belief about removing "the law of sin and death" and "coming out of Adam" to its logical conclusion: You have a "spirit-body" following baptism.
    • NOT Unamended-Fellowship doctrine
    • Rare booklet -- read it and see why.
    • It shows where being astray on 'the law of sin and death' leads.

  3. Early Christadelphian Expositions on "As in Adam all die"

  5. The Teachings of the first Christadelphians (HTML format)
    • This document was originally written at the request of Unamended brethren who wanted to know where the Unamended Christadelphian community doctrinally differs
    • Updated Dec 20th 2004 with correspondence from, and an answer to, an Unamended reader . (Answers WHY the rejecter is raised)
    • Correspondence with another Unamended brother . Topics:
      • Resurrectional Responsibility A Test of Fellowship Since the Beginning
      • Noah and Other Evidences
      • An Open Question?
      • Yahweh the God of Law
      • Why Stop At Enlightened Gentiles?
      • Agreement with J. Thomas, R. Roberts & Thomas Williams?
      • Brother Roberts' Comments in Twelve Lectures (Christendom Astray)



      Thomas Williams, The Advocate, 1893, p. 10

      'Pardon' and 'forgive' are synonyms...

  6. J.J. Andrew's Statement of Faith from 1887, 5 years before brother Andrew's Blood of the Covenant . (HTML format)

      Ironically, brother JJ Andrew's own Statement of Faith made the appearance of the ER at the judgment-seat of Christ a test of fellowship.

  7. The Historical Teachings of Brethren John Thomas, Robert Roberts and JJ Andrew ( PDF format )

    Concerning the ‘just' and ‘ unjust', ‘knowledge' and ‘responsibility', ‘the enlightened rejecter', ‘immortal emergence', ‘bema' and ‘thronos' or ‘Great White Throne'

    • The teachings of brother John Thomas from 1835 through his death in 1871.

    • The teachings of brother Robert Roberts

    • The teachings of brother JJ Andrew including information on his rebaptism in 1900

      • "Brother J.J. Andrew felt it necessary to have himself re-immersed in October 1900 as he documented in his own magazine. This action demonstrates how his new beliefs ultimately led him to reject original Christadelphian teaching. By his action he was in effect saying that the whole Gospel, as revived and understood by brother Thomas, could not place one in covenant relationship. That he continued to use the name 'Christadelphian' mystifies..." (Brother Bob Widding)

      (Summary Graphic of John Thomas' Teachings)

  8. Questions and Answers on the Atonement (HTML format).

  9. James Farrar's "Seven Reservations Concerning the Amended Statement of Faith"
    • "The coup de grace, however, comes from brother Andrew's own pen... [he] was the principal drafter of that ecclesia's Statement of Faith dated 1887 of which I have a copy... "
    • "'There is no question that the majority of Christadelphian expositors in the nineteenth century, including the original and primary ones, namely, Brother John Thomas and Brother Robert Roberts, believed that men in this dispensation who had acquired a knowledge of the gospel, but who were no baptized, would be raised from the dead for judgment' (James Farrar). This admission vitiates all he has previously alleged and makes it so much 'beating of the air'" (from Bible Searcher and Witness)

  10. Wayne Tanner's "What Christadelphians Originally Believed"

  11. A Response to Brother Wayne Tanner's "The Soul that Sinneth" in which it is demonstrated by quotation that his accusations against Logos and Amended brethren are untrue. ( PDF format) ( HTML format).

  12. The Truth Affirmed (formerly Advocatism Exposed) – ( PDF format) ( HTML format) by brethren Daniel Carroll and Stephen Genusa
    • A 96 page book examining the errors of JJ Andrew on the doctrine of the Atonement. A thorough consideration of doctrinal errors including Resurrectional Responsibility, 'alienation' etc.

  13. The Supreme Beauty of Sacrifice (HTML format) by sister Mary G. Brabyn, 1894
    • An incredibly insightful letter, addressed to brother Roberts, that generally answers Andrew's error and the error of clean-flesh.

  14. Questions for Unamended Brethren (HTML format)

  15. What is a Covenant? (HTML format)
    • John Thomas considers the Bible definition of Divine Covenants compared with JJ Andrew's chosen rendering of Acts 17:30

  16. Quotations of John Thomas compared with Thomas Williams, JJ Andrew and other Unamended ( HTML format )

  17. Doctrinal Comparison Chart of John Thomas compared with Thomas Williams and JJ Andrew (HTML format)

  18. The Teachings of Thomas Williams "Moderate"?
    • Some Unamended brethren claim the teachings of JJ Andrew were extreme, but the teachings of Thomas Williams were more moderate. Consider these writings from the pen of brother Thomas Williams and decide for yourself.

    • December 2004 update: The recent availability of two publications has shed new light on the history and teachings of Thomas Williams. For those interested, these two items are highly recommended. 1) The availability of The Christadelphian magazine in Libronix format sheds light on where Thomas Williams was baptised. To be specific, it allows one to see the Dowieite background of Thomas Williams' ecclesia -- as well as some personal history of Thomas Williams and 2) The availability of The Advocate magazines on CD (which have been OCR'd to make them searchable and are available upon request) have shed light on Thomas Williams' teachings prior to J.J. Andrew. The magazines show that prior to J.J. Andrew going astray, Thomas Williams was already teaching unscriptural ideas about "the law of sin and death". As one brother put it, "Your finding probably explains in part why Thomas Williams was not well grounded on certain fundamental tenets of the Truth such as the law of sin and death, Adamic condemnation and alienation &c. If his tutors were not well founded and grounded and bro. Williams did not invest his time in these works [Elpis Israel &c] afterwards, then the historical outcome, as we know it, should not be surprising."

    "But illuminated sinners and Sardian saints are obnoxious to a perdition arrived at in different ways . These are they ‘who obey not the Gospel of the Deity' (1 Pet. 4:17), or disgrace it; and who come forth to Anastasis of judicial condemnation… I have known some of this class flatter themselves that they would not be called forth to judgment; but would perish as the beasts, if they did not come under law to Christ. Such reasoning, however, is simply ‘the deceitfulness of sin.' ... This evidently teaches their anastasis kriseos , or coming forth from sheol, for judicial condemnation and punishment, contemporarily with the establishment of the kingdom in the Holy Land." — John Thomas , Anastasis, 1866, pp. 41-42 (1871 ed.)

    but this is not the case of the constituted sinners and intelligent transgressors . These are both under the sentence of death eternal, with this difference only, that the punishment of the constituted sinners is the common lot of man, aggravated by the demoniac institutions of Idolatry, Mohammedanism, etc.. 'ending in death' which is uninterrupted by a resurrection; whereas, the actual transgressors who know the law, though subject to all this, are raised to judgment and the terrors of a second death, the eternal consummation of their woes. It would occupy too much space at present to go into the doctrine of the several proofs in detail. In the general, they all concur in teaching, that God has set eternal life and eternal death before men and women living under Times of Knowledge; and that their destiny in relation thereto depends upon volition; that is, they will become heirs of eternal life, if they will obey Him who is the life; or they will continue heirs of eternal death, with the super-addition of suffering, previous to that catastrophe, if they reject his claims to their obedience.” — John Thomas , The Revealed Mystery, 1869, p. 36-37

  19. JJ Andrew's Various Admissions of Change( HTML format )

    Author Changed
    From a booklist by bro. Bob Burns "An Unamended Christadelphian Site"
    Note bro. Burns' comment "author [J. J. Andrew] changed views in later book Blood of Covenant
    "Daniel (12:2), in harmony with other prophets predicts that only some, or 'many of them that sleep... shall awake.' The 'many' will comprise all those who, by a knowledge of God's revealed truth, have been brought into a state of responsibility, from the time of Abel to the second appearing of Jesus Christ. To the faithful portion, styled by Daniel, 'the wise,' resurrection is all-important: it is the gate from the prison-house of the grave to eternal life: without it, they would like the heathen, become 'as though they had not been"
    The Real Christ aka Jesus Christ and Him Crucified, by J.J. Andrew, 1870, pp. 174-175.
    "author changed views"


  20. JJ Andrew's Position on Responsibility 1860-1880's ( HTML format )

  21. Justification from "Sin in the Flesh"( HTML format )

  22. Is the Enlightened Rejecter Taught in Type?See Gen 3:9-14; Matt. 22:5; Luke 19:21, 27; Matt. 22:12;

  23. Islip Collyer on the New Theories( HTML format )

  24. The World's Redemption review from The Christadelphian ( PDF format )

  25. Resurrectional Responsibility as Taught in the Old Testament ( HTML format )

  26. Knowledge is the Basis of Resurrectional Responsibility by G.V. Growcott ( PDF format )

  27. Resurrection to Condemnation by Robert Roberts ( PDF format )

  28. Resurrectional Responsibility by R. Styles ( PDF format )

  29. The Ground of Resurrectional Responsibility by A.T. Jannaway ( PDF format )

  30. Resurrectional Responsibility by H.D. Bartholomew ( PDF format )

"sin is not imputed (Greek: ellogeo to reckon in, set to one's account, lay to one's charge) when there is no law" (Romans 5:13) but ...

“knowledge brings with it responsibility
and responsibility constitutes men, subjects of
the resurrection and judgment”

John Thomas, 1861

The Truth has been recovered
at much pains from the rubbish of ages,
and is too precious to be treated carelessly.
It is very easy to bring down heaps of rubbish again on the good foundation.
--R. Roberts

"Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves." – Paul

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